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Construction Systems Supply (CSS) is a full service distributor of exclusive sealant and repair compounds for industrial concrete, steel, asphalt and brick. We help facility managers, builders and maintenance contractors around the nation to protect, seal, renew and repair concrete and metal industrial equipment, tanks, walls and surfaces. In addition to an exclusive line of best in class products, we offer training and resources to ensure your installation teams do the job right the first time.

Have a problem? Your solution is one call away.

“Long before the Internet came along, we built this company on personal service – in person and over the phone. When you call CSS, you’re not talking to an operator; you’re talking to me. My team and I have been doing this for 40 years and we’ve seen and solved just about every type of industrial sealing and repair issue.”

– Ron Riva, president, Construction Systems Supply

Preventative Maintenance and Repairs Built to Last

Water, weather, wear and tear and chemical exposure take a constant toll on an industrial facility. A hairline crack today can be a monster problem tomorrow. If your job is to keep those facilities fully operational, safe and productive, our job is to give you the tools to do it right, on budget and without hassle.

No matter what you need to protect, we have the sealants and repair compounds for you.

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Category Sealants Surface Repair Surface Protection
ProductsEco-Polymer SC 5400

Eco-Polymer EC 310

Ceramic Carbide EP 4910

Eco Crete 451

Eco Crete 451 Lite

Seal Boss

FlexSeal Waterproofing MembraneEco-Polymer SP 2000R

Eco-Polymer SP 2000M

Eco-Polymer SP 2000W

Eco-Polymer SC 3300

Eco-Polymer SC 5400

Eco-Polymer SC Concrete Primer Sealer

Crystal Lok

Blackhawk BH5720

EcoFloor 1500 Coating and Repair Grout

UsesConcrete, SteelConcrete, Asphalt, Limestone, BrickConcrete, Asphalt, Limestone, Brick
IndustriesWater and Sewage Treatment, Chemical and Petroleum Processing, Manufacturing, Marine, Food Processing,Commercial Properties, Industrial Facilities, Airports, Port Authorities, Municipalities, ResidentialCommercial Properties, Industrial Facilities, Airports, Port Authorities, Municipalities, Residential
Ideal ForTanks, basins, cooling towers, machinery, wet stations, manholes, pipes, vessels, ducts, scrubbers, dams, spillwaysDriveways, walkways, garages, industrial flooring, walls, foundationsDriveways, walkways, garages, floors, walls, foundations
BenefitsChemical Containment, Water Containment, Leak and Intrusion Prevention

We have a full line of NSF 64 approved products – guaranteed safe for drinking water containment, processing and transfer.

Wear & tear, weather (snow, ice, rain, wind)

Wear & tear, weather (snow, ice, rain, wind)

All CSS Products are Non Carcinogenic • Safe to Install • Solvent Free for Greater Performance and Durability