5 Places You Never Knew You Could Use Epoxy

epoxyMost people have heard of using epoxy as a form of adhesive. This simple substance is created through the combination of a hardener with resin. Once combined, the epoxy goes through a curing process, and it depends on the intended purpose of the final product as to the exact measurements that need to be followed. Epoxy has many advantages over products that are sometimes used in its place, making it the ultimate go-to product for a wide variety of projects. Here’s a quick look at five unique ways you can use epoxy that you’ve likely never heard of.

1) Marble-like Floors

Did you know you can paint concrete with epoxy paint and create the appearance of marble flooring? That’s right, and best of all, concrete floors covered with epoxy paint require minimal maintenance. In fact, warm water and soap is all it takes to provide a thorough cleaning. The correct steps to follow to create a marble-like appearance on the concrete is determined by the source of directions you go through. There are thousands of articles online that outline the entire process of creating marble-like floors, so you should have no trouble finding a process that meets your needs and preferences.

2) Painting

Are you an artist? Did you know you can use epoxy as a form of painting? Epoxy has to be mixed with a source of pigmentation to achieve a color other than white or opaque, which means you can make it any color you want. You can also make as many colors as you want and use them to create a beautiful masterpiece on a canvas. Do keep in mind that after you are finished with your painting, make sure to go over it with a clear coat of epoxy; this will help seal the colors and maintain their vibrancy. Here are a few other tips to keep in mind when painting with epoxy resin:

  • You can apply epoxy resin over any other painting substance
  • Most paintings benefit from a 1/8″ thick coating of epoxy resin
  • Although epoxy resin won’t hurt a photo, it is permanent
  • Keep the painting out of sunlight and indoors to boost the durability of the epoxy, and to help ensure the photo doesn’t turn yellow in color


3) Fix a Leaking Pipe

Many people turn to epoxy to fix leaking pipes and other types of plumbing issues. If you are going to use epoxy to fix a leak, make sure you realize that it will take approximately an hour to cure. Still yet, a putty epoxy will be of the utmost advantage because it has the strength to keep the leak from returning. Its strength is so reliable that many boat owners turn to it as a way to seal holes in their aluminum boats. There are also many owners of RV that turn to the value and durability of epoxy to make water barrier repairs on their recreational vehicles.

4) Protect Your Charms

Have a charm necklace or bracelet that you want to make sure stays protected against harsh weather and chemicals? If so, you should add a protectant layer of clear epoxy to them. Not only will this keep the charms from being directly exposed to harsh elements, but it also makes them shiny and their colors appear brighter.

5) Make Screws Stronger

If you have a project that requires the use of screws, you can apply a coating of epoxy to it before insertion, which will lead to the screw being able to double its normal workload. Applying epoxy will also work as a protectant to keep the screw from working its way loose. It’s important to apply the epoxy with a brush or spatula to ensure it doesn’t come into contact with your skin. If it does, simply rinse off with warm water and soap.


No matter your reason for using epoxy, you can rest assured that epoxy products stand up to their reputation. As one of the strongest adhesives available, epoxy has become a common material among residential and industrial customers alike. If you’re needing a product to enhance your concrete and steel maintenance and repair, epoxy might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.