5 Ways Epoxy Solves Every Problem You Have


What is Novolac Epoxy Coating?

Two common types of spaces where an epoxy coating is useful are warehouses and professional mechanic shops. Although epoxy is applied as a sealant, it also functions as a coating that adds shine to the flooring, boosting the professional appearance of the space.

Other common spaces that often use an epoxy floor coating include:

  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Pharmacies
  • Beverage plants
  • Storage warehouses
  • Food manufacturing plants

If you are in need of a coating for your flooring, consider the benefits that epoxy can bring to your work or living space. Here are five of the top benefits epoxy floor coating can provide.

1) Chemical corrosion resistant

When carrying out activities that involve different chemicals, you will want to perform these tasks on flooring that has an epoxy coating. This type of coating is resistant to chemical corrosion and has the durability and lifespan to accommodate heavy foot traffic.

2) Fast drying

Sure, you want a sealant that’s going to bring great protection to your flooring, but how long does it take for this type of substance to dry? With epoxy, you don’t have to fret about meeting a remodel or construction deadline. Epoxy coatings are quickly installed, which leads to less downtime in terms of operations affecting productivity.

3) Simple to customize

Another notable feature about epoxy is that it can be easily customized to meet your aesthetic preferences. For instance, if your warehouse has a lounge or front office area, the epoxy coating can be taped off and made to look like tile flooring. There are even some businesses and homes that have used epoxy coatings in a way that they appear like a marble floor. Things like rocks or glitter can be mixed with epoxy to further push the boundaries. When it comes to customizing the appearance of your flooring, epoxy provides you with virtually endless possibilities, meaning you can easily complement your current or future decor.

4) Minimal maintenance

Did you know that caring for an epoxy coated floor is quite simple? In fact, mopping the floor on a daily basis with warm water and gentle soap is all that’s needed to perform maintenance. And since only a small amount of time has to be spent cleaning the floors, this means productivity can be enhanced even further.

5) Incredibly safe

Epoxy coated floors have some of the highest safety ratings, and for a very good reason. Not only are they resistant to corrosion, but they are also slip resistant. Even better is that they sustain impact protection, can withstand extreme temperatures, and are even resistant to fire.