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Construction Systems Supply

Ron Riva founded Construction Systems Supply over 30 years ago, based on this strong belief: Commercial and industrial facilities can’t afford service interruptions – there needs to be a simple way to protect equipment and minimize down time.

The solution is providing high-quality Eco-Polymer products that are chemically resistant and stand up to the brutal environments that industrial facilities endure.

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Decades of Problem Solving

CSS customers benefit from our 30 years of problem-solving experience in the industrial polymer industry. As a customer-driven company with industry knowledge, Ron and his team will recommend the best solution to tackle your specific needs, including protective coatingsanti-corrosive coatingsrepair coatings, and epoxies for concrete, pipes, tanks, and a wide variety of equipment.

Whichever product you choose, your facility gets a repair system that combines high-performance power and protection. Selecting the right product will ensure that your equipment, pipes, and tanks last longer.

About Ron Riva, CEO, of Construction Systems Supply

Ron Riva incorporated CSS in 1979 after a 20-year career in the construction industry where he worked as a carpenter, superintendent, technical sales representative, and onsite service rep for national and international product lines in construction and engineering industries.

Constructions Systems Supply About Ron-RivaWith this hands-on mechanical background, Ron understands technical components and the relentless wear and tear that industrial equipment endures. Therefore, he is highly involved with application development to continuously improve the Eco-Polymer line of products, ensuring our Eco-Polymers meet customers’ unique, practical, real-world demands.

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