What Is The Best Coating For Your Garage Floor

Industrial grade Kevlar reinforced concrete coating now available for DIY projects. Don’t settle for inferior products. Make technology work for you.

Two-part solventless epoxies have a number of features that make them well-suited for industrial applications, in general, the most important categories are surface tolerant, they’re highly chemical resistance, the film strength is higher than solvent-based products and is safe for the applicator and the environment, do not require ventilation equipment.

two-part kits are pre-measured in gallon units that allow for simple mixing of the activator with the base material eliminating most of the field mistakes. Wet film thickness is the same as dry film thickness making estimating coverage

What Is Eco Polymer?

ECO-POLYMER is a new generation of hybrid 100% solids NOVOLAC epoxy coating and repair system with optional rubber, ceramic and Kevlar” additives, providing outstanding impact resistance, great wear, excellent compressive and tensile strength and elongation.

Eco-Polymer may be applied to damp or wet surfaces and have proven to have outstanding resistant to gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel and other petroleum products. Combined with bonding strength greater than 3000 psi, this NOVOLAC epoxy has proven to be more than four times more effective against salts, alkalis, sewage and dilute mineral acids than traditional epoxies. ECO-POLYMER has proven ideal for protecting concrete and steel in aqueous service in water/waste management, wet wells, and manholes.

Today with new curing agents, this hybrid NOVOLAC resin combine for ease of application, by roller, brush or spray, and is safe for the applicator and the environment. These user-friendly products are formulated without solvents or VOCs and are basically odorless, so they may be applied in occupied areas.

How To Get Your Money’s Worth

The reason for coating and repairing an asset is to extend its service life and provide protection from erosion and corrosion damages of chemicals and wear from abrasion or impingement. The only way to reduce the price of a coating product is to use inferior resins and or fillers like solvents. The purchase price of a coating or repair material by its self is a very small part of the overall cost of most projects. Though, purchasing what may appear to be a bargain material at the time, that later proves to cause health problems or fails to provide the proper protection to the asset and shortens its usable life cycle, is the most costly of errors.

The Problem With Solvents

Most States and the EPA have regulations regarding the acceptable levels of these carcinogenic agents allowed in products due to health and environmental concerns. Not only are they a health hazardous substance, they are one of the primary causes of coating failures. As the solvents evaporate into the air, and water the coating becomes thinner and holes are created in coating’s structure, causing permeability problems. This process continues long after the original curing process. The results are a failing coating system that will allow the penetration of harmful chemicals to undermine the coating and damage the structural base metal or concrete