Concrete Floor Care – 5 Facts You Need to Know to Make Your Concrete Floor Last

When you have a concrete floor, there are certain ways you can protect your floor to make the concrete floor last longer. It’s important to understand the various ways you can seal your flooring, and the cleaning products you should use on a concrete floor. Whether you choose a commercial sealant, or to have your concrete polished, knowing how to protect your concrete floor will extend the life.

Dust or Dry Mop Your Floor at Least Once a Week

Concrete is a naturally porous surface, and dust and dirt can get into the pores easily. You should dust or dry mop your floor at least once a week to keep dirt under control. If the floor is in a high traffic area, dry mopping once a day will keep your floor lasting longer. Clean rugs to wipe your feet should be at every entrance to further keep dirt and dust at bay.

Consider a Commercial Sealant to Protect Your Concrete Floor

Applying a commercial sealant on your concrete floor will create a barrier between the concrete and the traffic that walks upon it. A sealant closes the pores of your cement floor, making it impossible for dust and dirt to seep in. There are a number of types of sealing products you can choose from, and you can even stain your concrete floor first to give it a unique look. Sealing your concrete floor will extend the life of the floor, and make it easier to clean.

Repair Any Cracks Right Away

If your concrete floor gets a crack in it, it’s important to repair this crack as soon as possible. Cracks left untreated will grow larger. Dirt and debris will get into the floor, causing further separation of the crack. If you aren’t sure how to repair a crack in your flooring, ask a professional to come and assess the situation for you.

Use Non-Abrasive Cleaners on Your Concrete Floor

When you want to improve the life of your concrete floor, non-abrasive cleaners are essential. Although concrete is a tough material, using abrasive, caustic chemicals on your concrete floor can wear away at the surface. To clean your concrete floor, you can use a mixture of mild soap and water, and your floor will come out perfectly clean.

Avoid Moving Heavy Items Around on Your Concrete Flooring

Your concrete floor will last longer if you don’t move heavy objects around frequently. The scraping on the concrete can quickly wear down the surface. If you have extremely heavy objects placed on your concrete floor, make sure that you use supports to distribute the weight more evenly to prevent cracking.

When you have a concrete floor, taking care of the floor is pretty simple. With some basic care techniques in place, you can extend the life of your concrete floor indefinitely.