Make Your Garage Look as Good as Your Ride


Beautiful cars deserve a beautiful home yet many garages are just plain, unfinished rooms attached to a home. That’s really no place to keep a prized classic car or even a new luxury car. Yet, garages are not shrines. They should be places that are functional. Still, function and beauty can go hand-in-hand. In this beautiful garage blog, we look at some interesting design ideas that can turn your garage into the best room in the house.

Ceilings and Lighting

One of the first chores in turning your garage into a well-designed home for your vehicles is to address insulation. Garages get hot and very few of them have air conditioning. All that heat is not good for your vehicles or your building. If you are going to invest in making your garage look nice, deal with the heat so that you can enjoy the place year round. Add insulation to the ceiling and walls and while you are at it hang sheet rock on the ceiling too. A good way to help channel heat out of the garage is a vent fan.

Lighting is another key feature. You want lighting that shows off your vehicle. That single overhead light bulb isn’t going to do the trick. Install a few mounted fluorescent strip lights and then recessed spotlights that really show off your vehicles. If you have a work bench area make sure that you add light so that you can see what you are working on too.

Making the Garage Floor Look Professional

A good layer of epoxy floor sealant not only helps to protect your garage’s cement floors, it can help to repair cracks in them too. The look of epoxy not only improves the look of your garage it helps save tools, keep out pests, and prevent slips. Epoxy is a durable finish that lasts for years and it is fairly easy to put on with the right equipment. A nice gray epoxy floor shows off cabinets while a white ceiling helps give the feeling of more space.

Address the Walls

How many garages have you been in where the walls are just a row of exposed 2×4’s? If you’re lucky you might have unpainted sheet rock. That’s not the environment you want to house your ’57 Corvette in is it? Add insulation to the walls, cover them, and then paint. You can also create a stunning look with dark wood paneling and matching cabinets. If you go with sheetrock, add a neutral color paint and hang art. The idea is to create a space where you love to hang out with your buddies as you discuss vehicles.

Add World Class Storage

Nothing brings down the look of a garage then a bunch of clutter. You don’t want to open the garage door and have people walking by and think you are a hoarder. Your piles of “things” should not detract from the beautiful vehicles you drive. Storage systems are a great way to add beauty to your garage.

If you are not a fan of the pegboard tool storage system, then cabinets with pullout shelving is a must. Everything in its place is a good rule to follow.

Consider floor mounted cabinets and wall mounted cabinets to help contain tools, supplies, and gear. A nice work area with under bench room for rolling tool chests helps finish off the look. The epoxy flooring also helps rolling tools roll smoothly by filling in cracks and divots.

If you have classic cars and you do car shows, then consider adding a trophy case with lighting that really shows off your awards. Recessed lights help show off trophies and awards and they are easy to install.

Make It Easy to Keep Your Garage Clean

Once you get your garage looking beautiful you got to keep it looking good. Consider adding an area where cleaning tools and supplies are kept. A dedicated cabinet for your shop vac is also a good idea. A place for sawdust or absorbent material is also a good idea. Making it easy to keep your garage clean helps keep it beautiful.

Add in Amenities

A beverage center or fridge is a good idea because it is convenient. Plus, you don’t want to track gunk into the house if you are working on your car and want a cold drink. A first aid kit is also a good idea. You can increase the pleasantness of working in your garage by adding in a nice sound system so you can listen to the game while you work.

A good rule of thumb is to remember that this is a garage, not a man-cave. You want to build a place that shows off your cars. Of course, you could turn it into a man-cave but that may take room away from having a second classic car or place for your work-in-progress. Overall, creating a beautiful garage does not have to be difficult. You can do small projects one-at-a-time, such as coating the floor with epoxy. From there, insulate the ceiling and add sheetrock. If you are doing a kitchen remodel, repurpose those cabinets and save money.