Anti Corrosion Coatings

Our Eco-Polymer protective coatings offer excellent corrosive resistance. Our 100% solids epoxy coatings are non-flammable – an important benefit in industrial environments – unlike other rust blockers, which produce fumes that can ignite. Whatever protective coating you choose, remember to always follow manufacturer specifications for properly mixing and storing industrial epoxy resins


Constructions Systems Supply Anti-Corrosive Coatings Anti-Corr-BEFORE_rsz


Constructions Systems Supply Anti-Corrosive Coatings Anti-Corr-AFTER_rsz
  • Wastewater management, sewage plants
  • Aqueous environments with chlorinated, salt, and brackish water
  • Secondary containment areas
  • Wet scrubbers
  • Interior/exterior pipe and tank linings/coatings
  • Concrete, steel, ductile iron surfaces
  • Cooling towers
  • Chutes, slurry tanks, and other concrete or metal surfaces with severe abrasive environments

Eco-polymer SP 2000W

box-imageEcoPolymer SP-2000W is NSF/ANSI 61 certified for drinking water and with FDA 21CFR175.300 for direct and indirect contact with food. It is certifi ed for commercial hot and cold water tanks. Wherever potable water and food is stored or piped, SP-2000W is the coating to use. Because SP-2000W is 100% solids, it contains no volatile organic compounds or solvents, it maybe safely applied in confined areas with good ventilation. EcoPolymer’s SP-2000W has been a leader in hybrid novolac coating technology and since 1990 is a standard for lining ductile pipe used in sewage gathering systems. Throughout wastewater transportation and treatment plants, EcoPolymer can be found protecting steel, ductile and concrete substrates.

Eco-polymer SP 2000R

box-imageSP-2000R is comprised of 100% solids and contains no VOC’s. Excellent adhesion properties allow SP-2000R to bond on steel, concrete and iron even when coating conditions are less than ideal. The R in SP-2000R represents the incorporation of re-cycled tire rubber. Using the re-cycled tire rubber has a dual purpose. First, the rubber enhances the product with excellent impact resistance. Second, it serves the environment by providing a useful application for what otherwise fill landfills. SP-2000R can be used on a variety of substrates and applications. Typical applications include wastewater (tanks, lift stations, wet wells, and manholes), cooling towers, and more. SP-2000R can also be used as an interior or exterior pipe lining or coating. Primers recommended on concrete.

Eco-polymer SC-3000M

box-imageSC-3000M is 100% solids, spray able, industrial maintenance coating for metal and concrete substrates.
SC-3000M is a high cross-link density; ceramic-filled novolac coating that is designed to provide superior, long-term chemical resistance and good immersion service. The solids content and morphology make SC-3000M an excellent tank liner.

Eco-polymer SC-3300

box-imageSC-3300 is 100% solids, sprayable, industrial maintenance coating for metal and
concrete substrates. SC-3300 is a high cross-link density; ceramic-filled novolac coating that is designed to provide superior, long-term chemical resistance and good immersion service.
The solids content and morphology make SC-3300 an excellent tank liner.

Eco-polymer SC-5400

box-imageSC-5400 ia a 100% solids novolac coating designed for maximum heat and chemical resistance. Excellent coating for floors, secondary containment, ducts, piping, vessels, and storage tanks. Withstands up to 98% sulfuric acid, 100% phosphoric acid, 35% nitric acid, 100% hydrofluoric acid, MEK, mineral acids, bleach, chlorides, potassium and sodium. SC-5400 is a true high performance coating.

Eco-polymer SC-5600

box-imageSC5600 is a 100% solids unique high performance novalac coating system for long term chemical exposure in tank linings, equipment coating and secondary containment areas. It is a cross-linked ceramic filled liner coating designed to withstand elevated temperatures and maximum chemical resistance Bond strength is unsurpassed; it provides excellent wear and is self priming to metal surfaces. Suitable for both metal & concrete protection.

Rust Preventer

box-image ECO-POLYMER Rustopper is a high grade, two part epoxy with anti corrosion resistance fillers, to be used for any environment. Rustopper can be applied over manually prepared surfaces to provide a primer or a top coat for corroded areas where blasting is not allowed. It can be easily applied by brush or roller to achieve a 4 to 10 mils dry film thickness.

Novocoat Rustopper is a 100%solids two part epoxy, non flamable, anti corrosion resistant material. You can partial mix this system or mix the entire unit which covers 266 square feet at 6 mils dry film thickness. For large areas Novocoat Rustopper can be sprayed with a 30:1 airless or higher. Contact the manufacture for details


Novocoat Rustopper is used on pipe racks, pipes, support columns, tank tops and tank surfaces under installation where corrosion is present from sweating. You can coat over the top of Novocoat Rustopper 6 hours after installation depending on the temperature.