Asphalt Driveway Repair


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No need to mobilize large crews and equipment, Aquaphalt is simply poured into the area to be repaired, leveled with a rake or trowel, sprinkled with water and compacted with a hand-tamper or roller.

1.Remove all loose debris and sweep clean the area to be patched.

2.Place material in hole and level with a rake or shovel Ensure that the material stands above the existing surface to allow for compaction. If the depth of the area to be patched is greater than 2.5 inches, placematerial in two layers.

3.Soak material evenly with water; 1 quart of water per container is recommended. Excess water will not damage the material!

4.Compact to a smooth finish with a hand-tamper or roller.

Even when the blacktop is wet – even when it’s raining – the asphalt can be patched, with Aquaphalt!

*Note–Since Aquaphalt binds and cures with water, it should be stored in its sealed container until just prior to use to prevent it from reacting with ambient moisture.

Good for: Concrete Repair Solutions