High Performance Coatings

These machinable, high-performance-wear Eco-Polymer compounds are ideal for rebuilding and replacing metal and concrete substrates. By utilizing industrial equipment coatings, you will avoid corrosion and extend the life of your machinery and equipment.

Example applications for industrial equipment coatings:


Constructions Systems Supply Anti-Corrosive Coatings Anti-Corr-BEFORE_rsz


Constructions Systems Supply Anti-Corrosive Coatings Anti-Corr-AFTER_rsz
  • Steel tank repair
  • Scrubbers
  • Primary and secondary containment
  • Chutes and transition areas
  • Compressors
  • Valves and fittings
  • Load buckets, dump beds, and hoppers
  • Slurry tanks
  • Oil refinery crackers
  • Tube sheets
  • Fans and blowers
  • Pumps
  • Shafts
  • Bearing housings

Eco-polymer SC 5400

box-imageSC-5400 ia a 100% solids novolac coating designed for maximum heat and chemical resistance. Excellent coating for floors, secondary containment, ducts, piping, vessels, and storage tanks. Withstands up to 98% sulfuric acid, 100% phosphoric acid, 35% nitric acid, 100% hydrofluoric acid, MEK, mineral acids, bleach, chlorides, potassium and sodium. SC-5400 is a true high performance coating.

Eco-polymer EC-310

box-imageThis rugged, ceramic-filled repair-and-wear compound is specially formulated for metal surfaces in severe environments. Eco-Polymer EC-310 offers superior abrasion resistance and tolerates less-than-optimal conditions. The EC-310 product line offers several varieties including fast set, cure in very low temperatures, cure in very high temperatures, added impact resistance, and lower coefficient of friction.

Ceramic Carbide EP4910

box-imageCeramic Carbide EP4910 is a two component, heavy paste high performance ceramic wear compound. Constructed with AlO3, silicon carbide, micro and macro ceramics this loaded impregnated material is excellent for repair and protection of eroded and abraded equipment. Designed for tough applications involving higher temperatures, EP4910 is the choice for equipment wear problems in slurries, ash moving, dredging, sliding abrasion, particulate transport, feed and grain, cement and other wear related areas.

EP4910 is a hybrid Novolac based 100% solids non-hazardous and non-corrosive compound. It will adhere to all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Non-shrink, high slump and easy application make it ideal for vertical applications in piping elbows, cyclones and pump casings.

Eco-Polymer™ SC-5400

box-imageEco-Polymer™ SC-5400 is the newest generation in state of the art high performance novolac engineered coatings. SC-5400 performs in tough hot environments (>300º f ) where concentrated chemicals are present. It is ideal for resurfacing pump housings, impellers, propellers, tube sheets, water boxes, wet scrubbers, high flow valves, nozzles, and tanks. Eco-polymer™ SC-5400 is based on high cross linked Novolac & Bisphenol technology with micro & Marco ceramics and other abrasion resistant polymers engineered to overcome the effects of erosion/corrosion, impingement and bi-metallic corrosion.