We have used many of your products in the refinery with great success. The range of capability is exceptional, as is the service. We use these coatings for heat exchanger components, acid and caustic tanks, ion exchange vessels, containment, pipe relining, and tube sheets. Our on-site people report that the coatings are more ‘friendly’ than others, which helps us do a better job.”

Jeff Adams, Senior Refinery Inspector, Painting and Coatings Specialist
Phillips 66 Company, Linden, New Jersey

“We’ve had great success with your products and will definitely use them in the future.”
Steven Greene, Project Engineer
Encana Corporation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“A 42-inch cast-in-place concrete pipe developed a 100-foot-long crack. This pipeline carries irrigation water, and the volume of water leaking made the pipeline unusable. We researched solutions, and Ron suggested the Eco Floor 2000R. The application went smoothly. The product mixed quickly and was easy to work with. We have left the pipeline patch uncovered for two weeks for monitoring and haven’t seen a drop of water! I am thoroughly satisfied with this product and, in fact, have ordered more to have on hand for emergencies.”
Steve Brown, Operations and Maintenance Forman
Orland Unit Water Users’ Association, Orland, California

“Our industrial blasting and coating company specializes in applications for caustic and severe environments. We have been involved in numerous shut-down jobs for many oil refineries. During the last five years, we have coated nearly 500 heat exchanger components using your products. It is our experience that these are the best products in regards to ease of application and overall performance. The products are easy to apply, and re-coat times are quick and consistent, giving us utmost efficiency to provide the end-user with a quality finished product.”
Robert D. Fad Jr., Vice President and General Manager
F.A.D. Corporation, Eddystone, Pennsylvania