Concrete Crack Repair

box-imageConcrete can fail for a variety of reasons. Some of the main factors involved in concrete failure are: extreme temperature variations (such as freezing and thawing), exposure to chemicals, and the corrosion of embedded steel or other metals. It is estimated that about one fourth of concrete repairs are needed due to structural failures. The other three fourths are due to durability issues.

The following Eco-Polymer epoxies and primer/sealers provide outstanding chemical resistance and adhesion for horizontal and vertical structural and non-structural repairs. These products also offer excellent adhesion on wet, corroded surfaces (both metal and concrete) as well as low-temperature application and cure environments.

Example applications for Concrete Repair Solutions:


Constructions Systems Supply Concrete Repair Solutions before_concrete


Constructions Systems Supply Concrete Repair Solutions concrete_after
  • Dams and spillways
  • Water towers, cooling towers, and basins
  • Water tanks, wet stations, wet wells
  • Pipes (including concrete and ductile)
  • Interior and exterior pipe linings or coatings
  • Manholes and lift stations
  • Water, wastewater, and sewage treatment facilities
  • Airport runways

Eco-Crete 451

box-imageProduct Description: 

EcoCrete 451 FC is a Fast Cure three-component system, 100% solids, Kevlar-polymer-quartz-aggregate-concrete repair compound and an excellent solution for the repair and protection of concrete and stonework. This product offers outstanding chemical resistance, adhesion, strength, and hardness.

Typical Applications: 

  • Concrete Repair
  • Street and Curb Repair
  • Surfacing and resurfacing areas with extreme wear, impact, and abrasion resistance.
  • Runway, Taxiways, and Loading Docks.

Eco-Crete 451 Lite

box-imageEco Crete Lite 100% solids three component, easy to use repair compound for vertical and overhead areas. Eco Crete Lite may be applied to repair walls, or overhead areas where damaged concrete exists. Eco Crete Lite incorporates the use of an aggregate in conjunction with SC-1100. The use of SC-1100 allows Eco Crete Lite to strike into the substrate, providing excellent adhesion.

Seal Boss Product Collection

Sealboss offers Advanced Concrete Repair and Waterproofing Systems. SealBoss QuickFix Joint Fillers are chemical product formulations based on the latest polyurethane and polyurea technologies. These products offer new properties in terms of application speed, low temperature cure, durability and feasibility. Construction Systems Supply offers a wide range of Seal Boss Products which include: Polyurea, ejection into epoxy, and water stop foam.